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The BPM360 Difference

Lead Management and External Construction Market Data Integration

During the past ten years, construction market data, planning, permitting and lead generation sources have grown to become valuable sources for leads, opportunities and business intelligence data.  Integrating these sources and the associated data into the day-to-day business development workflow has become a critical component for many BPM organizations.

BPM360 is designed to eliminate the need for running lead searches on one system and manually distributing Excel spreadsheets or hard copies, or having to input the results into another project management, business development or accounting system.

Powerful integration and synchronization modules allow for pre-determined lead searches (from CMD, Dodge, Onvia and others) to be launched and automatically imported, scored and distributed through the BPM360 lead management solution in Microsoft CRM Online.

  • Lead Service Integration — Automated import of project leads from CMD, Dodge, iSqft, Onvia, and others
  • Project Lead Scoring — Focus on high priority leads based on firm-wide relationships and past project experience pulled from your internal data
  • Automated Lead Assignment — deliver project leads to sales teams, reps and distribution network based on lead search parameters
  • Integration with Project Management and Accounting systems —  Deltek Vision, QuickBooks, Viewpoint, Dynamics AX, Oracle, SAP, BST Global, etc.
  • Relationship Intelligence Tools – Quickly identify connections with partners, customers and prospects — “It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know!”
  • Business Process Automation and Workflows – Business Workflows, Alerts, Notifications, etc. — to establish best practices for sales teams
  • Integrated Proposal Generation  — automated document assembly and proposal generation — allows quick response to project leads and RFPs
  • Dashboarding and Reporting Systems — traditional reporting and graphical displays — provides rich feedback for efficient operation of your business
  • Familiar User Interface — built directly in Microsoft Outlook — for minimal learning curve and full mobile functionality on smartphones, tablets and iPads.
  • Competitive Analysis – tracks lead and opportunity conversions — for success reporting