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Your Competitive Advantage

  • The most complete business development platform for the AEC marketplace
    • It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. Focused on supporting your business development needs and requirements.
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  • tastylia online Microsoft Outlook based CRM solution
    • Built from within Outlook – a powerful extension of the system you already use.
    • Working the way your staff works and “as easy as it gets”.
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  • opzioni 24 The Right Tools to Compete More Effectively and WIN!
    • Acquiring and organizing data is key to building an effective Business Development system.
    • We believe that your organization has already captured much of the data necessary to create a valuable business intelligence and relationship management system.
    • Our job is to create an environment where this data is harvested, integrated and synchronized between your in-house business applications.
    • Modules have been designed and developed to integrate data from:
  • Check This Out Sales, Pursuit and Opportunity Management
    • The AEC360 team has customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM for AEC companies.
      • Simple, Streamlined and Relevant for the AEC industry.
      • Fields, screens and pick-lists have been customized to reference terminology and nomenclature that you know and understand.
      • Custom CRM entities have been created specifically for AEC industry requirements.
    • Critical date tracking has been enhanced to allow AEC groups to manage and report on the important dates associated with RFI, RFP, interviews and other submission dates.
    • Unique reports and dashboards built for the AEC marketplace.
  • i thought about this Relationship Intelligence
    • It isn’t “what you know, but who you know.” How many times have we heard this statement and realized how critical relationships are to business development and customer satisfaction. During the past five years, the AEC360 development team has engineered and developed the most sophisticated Relationship Intelligence tools available in the CRM industry.
      • Harvest and capture important relationships from other business applications, such as clients, engagements, projects, professionals, and external parties.
      • Aggregate Outlook accounts and contacts while retaining the internal relationship properties associated with these entities, with revolutionary scoring to identify the strength of these relationships.
      • Consolidate the harvested data and the associated relationships to establish the foundation for a company-wide relationship tracking, management and reporting system.
    • The goal of AEC360 is to allow users to identify who they know, who the company knows, who we do business with, who we partner with, who we compete with, who we win against, who we lose to, who we don’t know, and who we should know.
  • eMarketing Results Dashboards
    • The AEC360 solution has streamlined and simplified the process surrounding eMarketing and marketing automation:
      • Automated marketing list contribution
      • Marketing list management
      • Standard, predefined, and easy to modify AEC eMarketing templates
      • Campaign and eMarketing management tools
      • Response and receipt tracking
      • Website visitor and web content analytics
      • eMarketing results dashboards
      • Marketing automation analytics and reporting
  • External Construction Market Content and Lead Generation Connectivity
    • During the past ten years, construction market data, planning, permitting and lead generation sources have grown to become viable sources for leads, opportunities and business intelligence data. Integrating these sources and the associated data into the day-to-day business development workflow has become a critical component for many AEC organizations.
      • Designed to eliminate the need for running searches on one system and having the result input into a separate business development system.
      • Powerful integration and synchronization modules allow for stored searches to be automatically launched from within the AEC360 system and have the results delivered into the Microsoft CRM sales and opportunity workflow.